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How Pearson School, Kompally makes digital learning easy?

  • By admin
  • Mar 07, 2021

Nobody was prepared for the pandemic and the lockdown it caused, which was especially true for teachers. Education, like healthcare, is one of those services that need to continue uninterrupted even during tough times like these for the sake of the next generations. Thankfully, digital education infrastructure, which has risen by leaps and bounds in the last decade, came to the rescue.

Pearson believes in incorporating technology into learning in the simplest way possible. An educator should pick up the basics in no time while keeping their attention on teaching their subject. All stakeholders – the teachers, the students, and the parents – should be trained on handling the technology.

Pearson School in Kompally, the best CBSE school in Hyderabad encourages teachers to familiarize themselves with the digital tools, facilitating the smooth running of the teaching sessions. Teachers worldwide have taken upon this challenge, providing a living example to their students that a lack of classroom environment needs not to hinder the learning process.

An overlay of the procedure Pearson has adopted for teachers:

  • Preparing the teachers by first chalking out every live session minute-by-minute.
  • Planning engaging activities for students, such as tasks that require collaborative research, brainstorming sessions, presentations, and impromptu quizzes, among others.
  • Encouraging teachers to learn about various pedagogical approaches and integrate them into these live sessions. 
  • Examining learning output with the teachers and devising new procedures accordingly.

Learning for Parents

Pearson, Best School in Kompally also keeps parents in the digital loop by updating them about the changing learning methodologies and working with them in getting a full picture about the effectiveness of digital classes on their child’s overall learning.

Parents are encouraged to put their children to physical exercises such as performing household chores to supplement the long hours spent sitting in front of the computer or phone. They are also advised on how to keep track of their children’s mental health.

The competition among such learning platforms to capitalize on the circumstances is not finding any decline. Hence, Pearson believes that parents and students must understand the importance of choosing the right platform for learning.

A good digital platform will support facilities for webinars, storage of digital resources such as videos and PDFs, feasibility to conduct online examinations, and avenues to create digital communities among students and parents for transparency and easy learning.

Contact Pearson School in Kompally to find out how we can help your child shine.